Photograph Gallerys

When not working my main hobby is photography,and usually always carry a camera,My big interest being music photography. Most of the band photographs have been taken on my nights out to gigs and have been taken from within the crowd!..Anyway a Big thanks for checking me out, photo comments are most welcome.
Many thanks.......Michael Drew
(Contains 83 photos)
Adventures portfolio Photos taken out chasing music,and other momentous moments.
(Contains 181 photos)
Music Photography portfolio Random sample of photographs taken at gigs along the way.
(Contains 98 photos)
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band portfolio Aka..SAHB.
(Contains 56 photos)
Michael Schenker / M.S.G portfolio Michael Schenker,Rehearsals And Live Shots
(Contains 26 photos)
The Rezillos portfolio The Mighty Rezillos!!!
(Contains 89 photos)
Alice Cooper portfolio Shots from several tours by our uncle Alice.
(Contains 19 photos)
Michael Bruce / Publicity Stunt portfolio Original ALICE COOPER Writer/Performer Publicity Stunt,Photographs,Inc The REX FEATURES Shots
(Contains 48 photos)
Edinburgh By Rooftop portfolio A collection of shots taken from the Edinburgh rooftops,
(Contains 26 photos)
Scotland portfolio Shots Taken In And Around Scotland's Atmospheric Landscape!!
(Contains 28 photos)
Pick N' Mix portfolio Mixed Shots Of Anything!